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Do you want to become an artist but you don't know where to start? No worries, browse this site to discover creative professions, explore diploma programs, and get an offer from an art school.

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Why Choose a Creative Career?

You know what painters, actors, musicians, and all artists have in common? They can take their ideas and apply their skillset to make them a reality. With little training, you too can switch over to a life of a creator versus a consumer.

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Make A Difference

With the power to create something from nothing, you'll have the ability to inspire millions of people.

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Be Indespensible

Our economy thrives on creativity - a creative diploma will ensure that there's always a demand for you in the industry.

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Be Your Own Boss

A creative diploma will give you the freedom to work for yourself, and that feeling is priceless!

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Leave Your Mark

Equip yourself with a rare and much sort after capability to shape the world around you, by getting a diploma in arts.


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Film Production Industry is on a constant rise - did you know, just in 2018, the global film industry was worth $136 billion and produced 1,813 feature films?! Right NOW is a fantastic time to start your career in the creative industry and we're here to help you out. Use our Creative Personality Test to find out a career that you'll excel at or take advantage of our School Finder to discover excellent schools offering amazing Creative Diplomas Programs.

Million Jobs in the Creative Industry
Trillion Dollars in Annual Revenue
Of the Worlds GDP

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If you have that creative itch, but you aren't sure which career will suit you; take our short personality test to discover the creative diploma program that's just right for you.

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Finding the right school is super hard. Don't worry; now you can browse through our list of schools - from all over the globe - offering Creative Diploma Programs. Use the location and diploma filters to find your next school.



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