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Who do you look like?

Upload your picture to discover the celebrity you resemble the most. We use Machine Learning to calculate your likeness to a celebrity so this might be the most accurate celebrity look-alike app ever!


How does it work?

Machine Learning. Here's whats going on behind the scenes: a Machine Learning model has been trained to detect faces of 100 celebrities (50 male, 50 female). When you upload your picture, it gets forwarded to the model which, after analysing whether you're a male or a female, spits out a prediction about your likeness.

Why did you build this?

We, Creative Career Now, are on a mission to convince people to build a career in the creative industry. The reason we've developed this app is to get the word out about our core website. If you're interested, please go here to learn about various creative diploma programs or click here to find out the creative career that suits your personality type.

What happens to the picture I upload?

After transforming your image to the result collage you see above, we delete it. The collage is stored on Google Cloud and is served as a preview image if someone decides to share their result on social media. We do not use your image for any other purpose.

Celebrities with the most lookalikes in January, 2024

1. Taylor Swift -- 7.42%

2. Ariana Grande -- 6.23%

3. Tiger Woods -- 6.01%

4. Christiano Ronaldo -- 5.22%

5. Jessica Alba -- 3.34%

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