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Film Production Industry is on a constant rise - did you know, just in 2018, the global film industry was worth $136 billion and produced 1,813 feature films!


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Film production programs are comprised of highly technical and practical courses that prepare students for an exciting career as Film Producers. Courses focus on film production techniques and processes from pre- to post-production, including sound recording and camera operation, directing, editing, and compositing and finishing; all the while giving students access to cutting-edge production equipment.

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Estimated Average Salary of a Film Production Graduate
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Graduation Rate of Film Production Students in North America


A headshot of Reed Morano, Cinematographer.

Reed Morano, Cinematographer

I was in film school as an undergrad with a focus on directing. Once I started working on shoots, I realized, 'Oh, I really like this...'

A headshot of Alan Taylor, TV Director.

Alan Taylor, TV Director

It's been a twisty-turny path for me. I was studying to be a history professor, and then I left that, went to film school, and tried to be like my heroes, like, Spike Lee and Hal Hartly.

A headshot of Jon Watts, Film Producer .

Jon Watts, Film Producer

Every film you see in film school takes on a heightened importance in your life.


Art Director

Film Director

Sound Designer

Camera Operator

Screen Writer

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